Ego-T 950mA.h Battery

  • 3.9V (nom), 900mA.h
  • ‘Easy Lock’ feature enabled
  • Manual operation

The powerhouse of your vapourising system. This battery has been designed for use with the Ego-T atomiser. They are rated at 3.9V and can deliver 900mA for one hour. With a standard 3ohm atomiser, you can achieve approximately 45 mins of ‘on’ time. We’ve measured on average each puff to last 3 seconds, which equates to 830 puffs. This is effectively the equivalent of the number of puffs you would have when smoking 40 cigarettes.

These batteries are of the lithium ion type, and do not get a ‘memory’, and as such can be charged as often as you like; there is no need to fully drain the battery before recharging

Price: $24.95


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